Protestors Demand PM's Resignation for Bassiani Arrests

At 3 PM on Saturday May 12, people stood gathered, waiting anxiously for the rally speakers to take their place at the microphone stand.

A follow up to the rally of the previous night, people were gathered to protest the actions taken at Georgia’s most popular night clubs, Bassiani and Café Gallery.

Beka Tsikarishvili, standing firm as a representative of the White Noise Movement, addressed the people, “They have done nothing for six years, we have not seen any successful political reform, everything is faulty, therefore they should go. Last night the government repeated what the previous government was doing. This is a blow to Georgian democracy,” he said.

The President’s Parliamentary Secretary Ana Natsvlishvili appeared, ordered there by President Margvelashvili to monitor the progressing protest.

"We are here by the President's instruction and we are watching the rally very closely. Citizens have a constitutional right to express their opinion, including in protest, and this right should be protected. We hope that every state agency will do its best to ensure that people can enjoy access to their constitutional rights," she told the crowd.

With the amount of people increasing, the police gave way so that the protesters could occupy the one side of the main artery of the city, Rustaveli Avenue, turning it into a one-way street and sending most traffic via th eembankment. The riot police were then called in to stand close to Kashueti Church, in case the rally turned violent.

The demands of the protesters and the group White Noise Movement were announced as the following;

First - resignation of Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili;

Second - resignation of Giorgi Gakharia, Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia;

Third - punishment of all persons responsible for the special operation that took place at Bassiani and Café Gallery;

Fourth - Georgian Dream party to be held politically responsible.

Will the government take notice and answer these demands? Or will the protesters call fall on deaf ears.

The number of protesters are rising as this goes to press.

More to follow on this story.


By Shawn Wayne

Photos by the author


12 May 2018 20:15