Bulgarian Embassy to Host Exhibition at TSU

Both Georgia and Bulgaria have a rich and fascinating relationship with Christianity, thus it comes as no surprise that Bulgaria and Georgia are connected with ancient historical writings about the fact.

This coming Monday, the Bulgarian Embassy is to host an exhibition themed “The Light of the Letter" which is to showcase manuscripts and books dating back to the invention of the Slavic alphabet. 

“The creation of the Slavic alphabet in the middle of the 9th century is of key importance to the history of European culture," the Embassy states. "The prevalence of Christianity in areas inhabited by many different ethnic groups during the time of the Great Migration was conducive to the maintenance of the identity of the Slavs through the creation of an alphabet in their own language. Bulgaria provided a major contribution to its survival and it is no coincidence that its preservation is described as the “cradle” of the spiritual culture of the Slavic peoples. The Christian literature published in Bulgaria was borrowed and adapted by the Russians, Serbs and others leading to Orthodox Slavonic establishing itself as a civilizing factor. The exhibition 'The Light of the Letters' shows the most valuable decorated Bulgarian medieval manuscripts from the period of the 10th to the 18th centuries."

Such exhibitions have an enormous educational value, which is the reason why Tbilisi State University gladly agreed to host the exhibition on its premises. 

Where & When: 

Monday, 14 May, at 15.00
TSU Central Library, Exhibition Hall
11, University Str., Tbilisi

11 May 2018 17:34