CEO of Adjara Group Named 2018 Young World Leader by World Economic Forum

The Executive Director of Adjara Group, Valeri Chekheria, has been named the 2018 Young World Leader by the World Economic Forum.

The 100 most prominent leaders in the age group of 40 years were selected to “create an inclusive and sustainable future.”

Valeri Chekheria, Chief Executive Officer at Adjara Group Hospitality, Georgia, has been dubbed “one of the visionaries leading the creative transformation of Georgia's capital, Tbilisi.”

His company is said to be on the cusp of “revolutionizing the hospitality industry as the country raises the tourism bar and positions itself as an emerging European destination.” [source:]

The world's most promising and hopeful artists, business persons, public servants, technicians and social workers are invited to join the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders (YGL). They join the union and the five-year program, within which they have to think beyond their competence and thus become more influential and more effective leaders.

Each is named for their innovative activities, unconventional approach to problems and the bridges they have built between cultures, businesses, government and civil society.

10 May 2018 19:15