Smoking Ban - 25 Fines Imposed in One Week

12 individuals and 13 legal entities were fined in a week by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for violation of the new tobacco regulations which entered into force on May 1.

On May 5, two persons were arrested in a bar in Georgia’s western town of Kutaisi for refusing to obey the law.

A total of 46 calls were made to the MIA regarding violations of the smoking ban from May 1 to May 8. Up to 2000 police officers have been assigned to monitor the execution of the law.

Smoking of tobacco, including electronic cigarettes and hookah, is prohibited in all enclosed areas, with the exception of houses, psychiatric clinics, penitentiary facilities and casinos.

Smoking of cigars is only allowed in cigar-bars, where food products are not sold. A special license is necessary to open such a bar.

In the first instance of violation, institutions are being fined GEL 500. In case of repeated violation, the fine goes up to GEL 1000. Individuals who break the law can expect a GEL 50 fine and, in case of repeated violation, the fine will be doubled. 

Smoking in air, sea or land public transport also carries a penalty. The driver of the transport is to be fined 500 GEL, and if repeated, this will be doubled. However, if an individual person smokes on land public transport, the violator is to be fined 100 GEL.

For violation of rules in air or rail transport, the violator is to be fined 50 GEL, which will be doubled in case of repeat violation.

By Thea Morrison

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10 May 2018 09:52