Union of Georgian Clubs Releases Statement Regarding Drugs

The Union of clubs and nightclubs in Georgia has released a joint statement, saying there is a “deliberate smear campaign” against the club industry, blaming them for the promotion of drugs.

The statement came after the death of five people and poisoning of several others allegedly by unknown drugs, which, according to some, are sold in nightclubs.

The representatives of 23 clubs have rejected the allegations and voiced a number of demands:

  1. Stop demonization of clubs from regressive forces. State institutions must play an important role in this process and support the club industry;
  2. Media outlets should stop stigmatizing clubs and connecting them with the tragedies;
  3. Timely investigation into what substance killed the youth and publishing of the results of the expertise;
  4. The relevant agencies must take all measures to prevent poisonous substances being sold through websites;
  5. The Ministry of Health should launch an informational campaign with preventive content that will not be based on stereotypical approaches, but on the care of people;
  6. Emergency Assistance crews should be re-trained in order to be able to help people poisoned by dangerous drugs on time;
  7. Take steps towards a liberal drug policy, which will be based on care and not on preventative approaches.

The Union of Clubs says they will defend their rights and demand answers for “defamation”. They also urge people to refrain from consuming drugs.

The Union of Clubs unites clubs, music festivals, music labels, cafes, music companies, artists and producers.

By Thea Morrison


09 May 2018 11:24