CinéDOC Tbilisi Looks Back at Successful Festival Days

The last five days, Cinema House and Amirani Cinema together hosted over 60 screenings tackling contemporary themes and issues in Georgia and many other countries. 

The festival team expressed their gratitude to all participating movie aficionados, as well as to the directors and others making this event feasible. CinéDOC changed the Georgian capital into a documentary hotspot in recent years through this festival.

At some screenings, the demand was so high that a great part of the audience was forced to sit on the floor to watch the movie. The excitement of the audience was clearly visible. 

Movies, like Unsettling, challenged modern conversations about Jewish settlements by shedding light on various new narratives. Another feature, directed by Tatyana Chistova, Convictions, explored the ruthlessness young Russian experience when encountering the commission deciding for their conscription service. Her footage spine-chillingly showed the contradictions in the values of the military and youngsters who feel alienated from the Russia state apparatus.

Yesterday, the festival concluded on Rustaveli Avenue looking ahead to next year's festival. CinéDOC 2018 was strongly supported by international institutions, such as the EU, the German government and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The festival team expressed their excitement to continue the partnerships and to build upon them in the future. Romania, which was featured as a host country this year, thanked the organizers for providing a platform for its national movie industry.

By Benjamin Music

Photo: Noosfera Foundation

09 May 2018 09:52