Far Right Georgian March Announces Hunger Strike

Far-right, ultra-nationalist group Georgian March members have launched a hunger strike at the governmental administration, demanding the release of their six activists, detained on charges of hooliganism in connection to the March 19 rally at Rustavi 2 TV headquarters. 

The members of Georgian March were arrested for attacking Rustavi 2 journalist Davit Eradze and damaging a car with TV anchor Giorgi Gabunia inside, who was the main target of the far right group, after he made some comments about Jesus Christ.

An investigation is underway under Article 120 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment up to 5 years.

"Several dozen people are going on hunger strike and we address the government to release the political prisoners," Sandro Bregadze, the leader of the group, said at the rally.

He added that the family members of the detained Georgian March activists have also gone on hunger strike until the detained are released.

Last month, the NGOs released a statement, saying the state has “inadequate” reaction to certain violent facts which encourages extremist groups in the country.

The organizations stressed that such groups will further continue “silencing different ideas”, if the government does not react “adequately.”

The NGOs call for the accurate qualification of the offence, use of an adequate penalty for all guilty persons and also to protect the freedom of media, speech and expression and to inform the public about the implemented activities.

By Thea Morrison

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02 May 2018 11:32