Fire in Borjomi Village Forest Localized

1 PM Update: The fire which ignited in the forest of Borjomi village Sakire  at around 1 AM on May 1 has been extinguished.

Around 60 firefighters had been trying to localize the fire since last night.

10 AM - The exact cause of the fire is as yet unknown and as the fire intensifies, additional fire-fighting forces have been to the site.

According to the Emergency Management Agency, there are no settlements near the fire so people are not at risk.

The firefighters say the area where the fire broke out cannot be reached by fire-fighting equipment, which makes it difficult to fight the blaze.

It is unknown how many hectares of forest have been affected as the blaze is still spreading.

The Emergency Management Agency added there is no need to include helicopters as yet.

In August 2017, over 100 hectares of forest were destroyed by fire in Borjomi gorge.

Thousands of people, firefighters and soldiers worked to extinguish the fire over numerous days. When the fire proved overwhelming, neighboring states sent their equipment, including helicopters, to help save Borjomi's unique nature.

By Thea Morrison

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01 May 2018 10:00